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Hasil (2000)

by Umera Ahmed(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Yet another beautifully written book by Umera Ahmed.Let me make it clear, Umera Ahmed mostly uses the same cliche plot. I found this book very similar to Peer e Kamil. It's not only about the story, it's broadly about how she always tries to amalgamate Islam in the story and how clearly does it show the picture and how discretely it answers the questions about religion that inevitably pops up in our heads.Calling all the book lovers out there! Please read this book. You're most likely to finish it up in one sitting. It took me 6-7 hours to finish reading it. It's one of the soul-enlightening books that should be, must be, read. I'll be looking out for 'La-Hasil' in the bookstores now after reading 'Hasil'.
review 2: I really like this book a lot. A wonderful st
... moreory by umera ahmed. It usually based on religion. Umera ahmed wanted to show us that sometimes we forget the relationship between Allah and us, If any crisis or trouble we fased then we just ungrateful to Allah because of all situation. In this novel there is multiple stories of different characters. my favorite character is sania because first she realize that she was wrong with her religion and second she help hadid to find him the right way of life. less
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another mind blowing story by umera .the story is captivating and soul-searching :)
mind blowing! I just love the ending :)
just love this book
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