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The Desire For Dearborne (2009)

by V.B. Kildaire(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
1615810099 (ISBN13: 9781615810093)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: The edition i read had 262 pages.Very enjoyable. I still haven't looked up the ruling monarch a minor quibble: its not a regency romance and i have the impression the colonials have not had their independence long.I like the characters, it took me quite some time figure out the villain then all the clues wereso obvious, really like duh!; one twist was really cool. And most importantly for a historical i was not thrown out of the story by points that don't belong.
review 2: My liking of historical romance is growing by each book. I never really was a huge fan of historicals, but it seems that I'm slowing growing more tolerance for it nowadays.This was a book of well written cliches. The plot was okay, the characters were likable, the romance had me rooting for t
... morehem (though not with an excess of enthusiasm) but nothing really stands out when I reflect upon it.It was a good, solid read that probably won't stay with me. The cover is gorgeous though.. less
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Great, solid beginning but honestly the ending lagged. Still, enjoyable for the most part.
Sweet love story between two lovable characters, what more can i ask for?
Liked this a lot and enjoyed the plot. A well written book.
Fantastic historical romance. A must read!
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