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Christopher's Diary: Secrets Of Foxworth (2014)

by V.C. Andrews(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 5
1476790582 (ISBN13: 9781476790589)
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The Diaries
review 1: Very intriguing to a Dollanganger series fan, but not executed well. A lot of the dialogue is forced and unbelievable, especially as the male ghostwriter using the V.C. Andrews name is attempting to write conversations between teenage girls. Plus, it's off-putting reading about the Dollangangers and cell phones simultaneously. Just because of how it was ended, I will read the next one. It doesn't destroy the series for me, but it isn't required for a Dollanganger fan.
review 2: There was no need to create another story 30 years after the original ones were published. This is the proverbial milking of the cash cow because of the recent made for TV adaptations of the original books. I am only giving this 3 stars because of the viewpoint of Christopher himself. Th
... moree main character, Kristin, is so vapid and annoying that if it hadn't have been for some page flipping to find the rest of the diary entries, I doubt I would have finished the book. She was not funny, she was not smart or clever - she was just an after-thought. That being said, Christopher's actual diary was very interesting. I say this because it is from a different view point, whereas in Flowers in the Attic it is from Cathy's (as well as subsequent books). It was refreshing to see his side of the story, albeit it felt very short. I don't think that it has/had to be moved in to more than one book, that just the one would have sufficed. Unfortunately, the ghost writer felt the need to create an entire story around the diary as well, which was uninspired and lacked so many aspects of an actual V C Andrews tale that it was physically painful to read it. If it hadn't have been for the other 'story' (I use this term loosely here) this would have been pretty much perfect. Unfortunately, it left a lot to be desired and felt pointless for the most part. less
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Meh. Nothing special. No new insights from the rest of the Dollanganger series.
got today at walmart for $5.99 and started reading it this evening
I've read fan fiction that is better than this book.
very disappointed
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