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Burning Girls (2013)

by Veronica Schanoes(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 3
1466848057 (ISBN13: 9781466848054)
Tor Books
review 1: This short novella was one of the most loved and appeared on several major awards ballots (not sure if it won anything or not). I liked it but not as much as many other people seem to have done. Had I approached this without any expectations I am sure I would have been pleasantly surprised by an entertaining story told quite well but it did not quite live up to the stellar expectations I had. Still I am feeling generous today so 4 stars.
review 2: Kindle freebies can go either way, but this one was very good. Marketed as dark fantasy, but to me it read as fiction with a mythical aspect. This novella tells a story of an Eastern European Jewish female experience both in the old country and the new one. It's a fine piece of historical fiction ending with an all
... more too real all too tragic fire, putting a fine point to the fact that there were many ways to get burned for the oppressed minorities on either side of the world. Excellent writing and well developed characters. This was an excellent short read. Recommended. less
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Very good short read. Sucks you in. Great for a morning of lazing around with your coffee!
Oh, this was lovely and oh how this hurt.
It was a good short story!
Review coming soon!
Hugo nominee
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