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Serengeti Storm (2010)

by Vivi Andrews(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 2
1605048755 (ISBN13: 9781605048758)
Samhain Publishing
Serengeti Shifters
review 1: I couldn't believe what a complete turnabout this story was, but I absolutely loved it. I love how the heroine is such a bitch in this story. At first I was kinda skeptical how the author could possibly pull it off that the hated antagonist in the person of Shana in the first series would be a proper heroine in this second installment, but OMG did she ever! And then in the end I even ended loving her character! It's always the most complex characters who I thought are the most deserving of praises! What can I say? I loved Shay's sassiness and bitchiness! Yay!
review 2: The characters in this book really annoyed the hell out of me! I can't deny it was a good story even though I was so pissed of at Caleb for being so easily manipulated by Shana and also pissed a
... moret Ava for not having much of a spine to stand up for herself. The worse was Shana. She was such a terrible person. I eased up on her when I released her meanness was a backlash to the terrible treatment she constantly received from her mother. I also couldn't blame Caleb for falling for Shana's manipulations because he truly loved her. I'm hoping to see Ava soon grow a spine soon. So far I'm really enjoying the series. less
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Definitely liked the first one better!!
3.85 stars.
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