Cold season

So this morning Lina woke up with a little cough and runny nose, I didn’t think anything of it, especially with it being 3 degrees out (literally that is not an exaggeration). As the day went on, she seemed to just look tired but wasn’t acting much different than any other day. She was dancing and singing to Moana (her favorite movie) but my mommy instincts kicked in and something made me check her temperature. 99.8, ok so it’s not an awful fever, but it was a fever and I immediately went into sick mode, made tea with honey, lemon, and ginger, gave her ice pops, had her rest, and had lots of snuggle time!

After dinner, I took her temperature again and 100.2 .. ugh. So I had her rest some more. We watched Moana. Again. THIRD. TIME. TODAY.