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10 People Every Christian Should Know (2011)

by Warren W. Wiersbe(Favorite Author)
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1441236627 (ISBN13: 9781441236623)
Baker Books
review 1: Not what I expected. This would have been much better if it had been written in the style of Metaxas' "7 Men". Instead, much of it read like, "This was a great person. You should read more about him/her. For more information, read these books." I don't mind book recommendations — love them, in fact — but use the last few paragraphs of a biographical sketch to share those and why they're good. Help us to get to know the people who you think are important. Individuals were treated inconsistently — some with very short biographical sketches, a couple more extensive biographies, others that seemed half biographical and half bibliographical, while in the last on Tozer, Wiersbe said up front that he was going to deal with Tozer in the first half and then use the second hal... moref "to consider some other Christian mystics."I think one problem with the book is that it is a set of excerpts from a larger work by Wiersbe, "50 People Every Christian Should Know." I would not have know that except that I am fairly compulsive about going back to the cover of a Kindle book (why in the world doesn't a new Kindle book open on the cover?) and flipping through the beginning "stuff" — in doing that, that "disclaimer" caught my attention on the copyright page. That doesn't seem to be mentioned on the Amazon page for the Kindle edition. Not sure that I would read the larger work.All of that being said, the book was good to read. I know much more about some of these 10 people than I did before. At least at the moment, it's free on Amazon and at that price is well worth reading.
review 2: Weirsbe profiles ten great evangelicals--preachers, missionaries, and more. While I have at least a passing acquaintance with most of the individuals covered, I was introduced to Amy Carmichael, who served as a missionary to India for more than fifty years. I also learned things I didn't know about the people I was familiar with. For example,, Oswald Chambers didn't write any of the books attributed to him. His wife, a stenographer, took down all his sermons and messages during his lifetime. After his death, the wife and daughter compiled the books from the notes.Although the book is for all Christians, the author often speaks directly to preachers. It will be even more useful for clergy than for laymen.Since his purpose was to introduce readers to these great Christians, each brief profile included recommended biographies, memoirs, and sermons. The only thing I didn't like was that in a few places the author hints at something interesting about the person, but said it was explained in another book. Many of these books are long out of print and difficult to find, and I, and probably most readers, will not go digging around in used bookstores even if we would like to know more. less
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Great overview of Christianity's founders, mentors and leaders of the past.
very informative
Good .
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