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Vampires In Devil Town (2010)

by Wayne Hixon(Favorite Author)
3.04 of 5 Votes: 5
0982628137 (ISBN13: 9780982628133)
Grindhouse Press
Vampires in Devil Town
review 1: This was a silly unbelievable and lame book. I got it from ebubbooks (or something like that) for free. It's the authors first book and maybe he'll go back to his day job. However, it did have a very few redeeming qualities like the name for the elusive house where the vampires (who did a lot of 'tearing out of throats') lived. He called it the Sad House and the story behind it was interesting. The characters were mostly unlikeable, some of them who had powers were never explained as to why or how they came about them and the ending was abrupt and just as unbelievable. I'll never get this time back. What I want is A REALLY GOOD VAMPIRE BOOK (that is not Anne Rice because I've read that one).
review 2: This is one of the best and creepiest "ghost" stories I have
... more read in a long time! The author was able to really build upon characters that we could both love and some we really want to hate. Even though this book is written with young adults as the main characters it is suprisingly very adult thinking and approaches to the dangers that stalk this town and their lives. This book really takes you on a deep descent into a heart-stopping nightmare! less
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It was definitely a dark book. There were parts that dragged on a bit but overall it was ok.
Very weird book...almost seemed like it was a sequel, too much backstory had to be filled in.
Grindhouse look great so far...this should be no exception!
a bit too much erotica, I think it distracted from the plot
really creepy...
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