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The Cook (2011)

by Wayne Macauley(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
1921758694 (ISBN13: 9781921758690)
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review 1: It's a slow burner, but it is worth to read it. I didn't mind the lack of punctuation, as I think it reflexed the humble upbringing of the main character - Zac, and his stream of thoughts. His vocabulary expands as the story progresses, but intensity of thinking and analysing doesn't slow down. As a reader you know the story is spiralling into the dramatic ending, but it's nothing I've imagined. Let's just say : no wonder Nick Cave liked it ;) Good read.
review 2: I could not put this book down. Sure Zac is a sociopath and perhaps that's not for everyone, but the intensity of his ambition, his singlemindedness, his complete lack of regard for the feelings of others, really drew me in. The actual settings of Cook School and the grim destruction that occurs there
... more, followed by the depressing brokenness of the Melbourne home he works in, would not normally have engaged me, but Zac does not feel any of its sadness. The human tragedy around him completely goes over his head. He is utterly used and he doesn't care, because he is utterly using everyone around him. And the way it is all worked out is so clever and neat, I found it really very satisfying to read. The animal husbandry and butchering of animals throughout the story was a bit sickening, but so important to the story it can be forgiven if it is a little disturbing. Well worth the read. I didn't mind the punctuation thing, though it was annoying initially less
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I devoured The Cook in a day. It's been a long time since a book has left me this shaken.
A very strange book, oddly written, odd story. I'm not sure I really liked it.
a great satire with echoes of how damaging our social behaviour has become.
Surprised me, over and over. Really, I can't do spoilers, haha.
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