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The Case For India (1930)

by Will Durant(Favorite Author)
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review 1: An excellent book whose narration was the most beautiful I have ever witnessed. Will Durant is undoubtedly epitome in telling a case with a fresh perspective and does not fear to do so. In this book he presented what changes India went through during British rule. He has put forward from a neutral mindset, that what effects were witnessed during that rule. I have never read a conclusion so beautifully written and thought provoking. I would suggest at least every Indian to read the book to know from both points of view what happened to India and why?What I liked the most in the book is it does not decide whether the British rule in India was good or bad. It presents the events as it happened. It is upto the reader to decide or choose not to decide the same. Looking forward ... moreto read other books by Will Durant.
review 2: It is a wonderfully written argument by an American author who had seen India first hand and studied deeply about the country. The book provides a perspective on the state of India around 1930 (when the book was first published) and the prognosis suffered due to an extended subjection by foreign rule. The author has given some very interesting and informative information regarding the extent of brutality that was practiced by the British. I believe this book should be a part of curriculum in all schools at the collegiate level. I have not read a better document that is more comprehensive, cogent, objective argument in favour of India. I salute the courage of this author and his noble spirit to not just make a case, but publish a book that supports a country that was yet to be born and was almost 2 decades away from gaining Independence. less
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The case for India
PN Bhaskar
An excellent book about India, India's history and Indian wisdom, which the british, blinded by wealth and church, could not understand.
Must read for anyone that doesn't know the British's effect on our country.
an unbiased view of how India became impoverished under the british
I want this book.
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