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The Prodigal Hour (2000)

by Will Entrekin(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This book was not what I hoped it would be. There are some good things here: time travel, the love story, and the many elements that Entrekin brings full circle to the ending. But it's also clunky. I got the feeling that the author had a lot of ideas that he couldn't resist including but wasn't able to fit them perfectly into the plot. Traveling to Jesus' time seemed to have no bearing on the story, and when main character Chance Sowin first decided to do it, I thought that he would not. Even afterwards, I could still not see the purpose in it. I also had to reread many sentences to understand them.
review 2: A Physicist on research an alternative energy resources Quantum mechanics. Dennis Sowin, finally discovered that two electrons devices, and a high-
... morepowered laser, and an engine that proves the existence of the Higgs field. The government conceive that he managed to build a Quantum bomb? Now, everyone interested of what he produced, and even risk their lives. They think this machine can changed the past, and even aim to go ahead in the future? Well, the prodigal hour will reveal what it is going to be. less
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2.5 stars. Good idea, but needed better execution. Not bad though, for a free book
Entertaining. Got lost in the science a little, but mostly able to keep up.
It started off so promising, and then degenerated in so many ways.
Time travel novels give me headaches.
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