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Dance Of Shadows (2013)

by Yelena Black(Favorite Author)
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1599909405 (ISBN13: 9781599909400)
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Dance of Shadows
review 1: The first few chapters of this book sort of reminded me of those Point Horror books I used to read as a child - lots of chapters ending in cliffhangers and characters that were kind of one-dimensional. I almost stopped reading, but since I love a good yarn about ballet and paranormal mystery, I kept going anyway. The book did grow on me in the second half, though I still think the characters are too flat to truly carry the story. I was mostly just intrigued by whatever was happening to those missing ballerinas. Original story, execution could have been better. I hope book 2 will eventually be published; it seems to have been postponed quite a few times...
review 2: This book is honestly amazing, it only took me 2 ½ days to read and i was hooked from the first
... morepage. I love anything to do with dance anyway and this book was just perfect. I loved all the characters especially Vanessa and Justin, having a bit of a love triangle made it more exciting as well. The dark twist and the amazing plot made me so sad when the book ended yet so excited for part 2. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!! Cannot wait for the next instalment! less
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I think that the book was great! I love it! Looking forward to read the next book from the series!
It was a really predictable ending, however it was a good book just too predictable for me.
It was a riveting book that kept me wanting to read more. I absolutely loved it.
Again I loved this book!
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