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Forsla Fett (2002)

by Aase Berg(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 1
9100578711 (ISBN13: 9789100578718)
Albert Bonniers Förlag
review 1: I enjoy strange. I particularly love when a work makes a leap that seems inconceivable. But this one left me cold, despite that the translation notes and embedded writer's statements suggest that overlap between types of texts - language, science, and the flaws between them - that I typically enjoy.That said, there's so much intelligence in the work, I'll probably give another Göransson translation of Berg a shot.
review 2: Translator Johannes Göransson makes a good case, at the end of this book, on why Aase Berg's poetry is so difficult to translate: based on compound puns for which there are English equivalents, the poetry, in English pales compared to the Swedish versions on the facing pages. I don't read Swedish, but one doesn't have to to immediately see
... more we're only getting a fraction of the potential readings available in the original. So then, three stars: without knowing the challenges facing Göransson, I would give Transfer Fat only two stars for a book of poetry that is merely meh. Göransson must have had a significant challenge in translating Berg, but the playfulness I can see in the Swedish has been lost. less
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This is a beautiful and excellent book of poems. The translator afterword is... You must.
so intense and compact. bloodfat rotgut gorgasm
a luxuriously fatty experiment in translation
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