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Writings Of Abigail May Alcott (2012)

by Abigail May Alcott(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 4
1476702810 (ISBN13: 9781476702810)
Free Press
review 1: This collection of letters, journal entries, and various other trivial and quotidian writings from the mother of one of the best-loved writers in the history of our country opens up an intimate view of family, talent, fight, and the hidden workings behind success. In even this simplest and most humble form of communication, Abigail shows moments of pure poetry and deep insight, a fact which sheds light on the beauty in her daughter's writing (which she encouraged from an early age). But it also shows a depth of feeling and philosophy which was truly rare among the women of her generation. Rubbing elbows with the country's literary and social greats, she was constantly learning, thinking, and trying to create change, up until the very day she died. And her intriguing writin... moregs prove her journey and her metal. She fought for her family with every bit of strength she had, striving to give them a chance at a better future. We should all be so lucky, and indeed we all are, because Little Women would not exist without her grit and her love of word and thought.This book was won from the publisher through the Goodreads First Reads program. Thanks!
review 2: *Won as a First Reads on Goodreads Giveaways*I'm not sure how to give a fair evaluation to the book. It is a collection of Abigail May Alcott's writings. As far as the editing, it is well put together. As far as content, it's a fascinating look into the life of a woman who didn't "fit the mold" of cultural expectations. However, I just wasn't drawn in by Abigail's writing style. Somehow, the book just wasn't quite what I expected. I found myself skimming through it. That's an evaluation (or opinion) of Alcott's writing though, not LaPlante's. less
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May finish this some time. It was interesting to learn about Abigail. Couldn't stay focused.
This is a Goodreads giveaway.Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Lovely, lovely work. One of my favorites now.
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