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First Hero (2012)

by Adam Blade(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
0545361605 (ISBN13: 9780545361606)
Scholastic Press
The Chronicles of Avantia
review 1: The First Hero is about a teenager named Tanner who is a chosen rider of a beast. His city was attacked by Gor's army and they killed his grandmother Esme and stole their fragrant of the Death Mask. The Death Mask controls all the beasts of Avantia and the Death Mask got Split into four pieces and spread all over Avantia. On Tanner's journey to save another city and to stop Gor's army from finding any other piece of the Death Mask he met another chosen rider of a beast named Gwen. They united and continued on there journey. Their beasts are Firepos and Gulkien.
review 2: The Chronicles Of Avantia-First Hero was a inspiring book to the reader who is reading it.I continued reading the book until to the end because in the beginning it had a great explanation abou
... moret the character.The author made a great introduction for the book about the charater and what happen next.A character named Tanner who was brave being himself without his father being killed and mother being carried away by an evil warlord Derthsin.For example "Derthsin's hand creeps to a sheath on his belt.He draws out a long dagger.I struggle to get up.In two long strides Derthsin closes on the man(Tanner's father).Moonlight flashes on steel.The man groans as the blade slides between his ribs.The thresher hits the ground.Someone else approches,stumbling down the road form Forton .A woman,crying in anguish.She bends over the stricken villager,cradling his head in her arms.A band of jeering soldiers follows in her wake.Put her(Tanner's mother) in the cart with the rest,Derthsin orders."(Pg.9)After what happen to Tanner's father and mother everything in his life changed.The action they show what happen to the parents makes it more interesting for the reader to read more of what hapens next after that. less
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This book was grim and not much else. Too grim for me.
Great and amazing. Loyalty is tested...
good book with lots of adventure!!
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