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Shovel Ready (2014)

by Adam Sternbergh(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 3
0385348991 (ISBN13: 9780385348997)
review 1: I enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the concept of him being a hit man . I wish it would have explored that a little more. I also liked the way it was written. I did however get confused a lot about what exactly was going on and what they were doing. I got enough for it to make sense but I wish it would have been easier. I also wish the final chapters would have had a little more action. Overall I thought it was a good easy read. I read it in about a day. When I was reading it I had the urge to keep reading on. There was never really a dull moment, but there wasn’t ever a real nail biting part either.
review 2: A perfect example of a well-executed clash of genres, Shovel Ready mixes bitter crime noir with a bleak science
... more fiction setting to fantastic results. Before a dirty bomb hit Times Square and anyone who had the means tapped into a global virtual reality, Spademan was just a simple garbageman--now he kills-for-hire the rich elite that are conveniently tuned out. Like many great crime novels, things become complicated for Spademan once a new case comes along involving a strange girl. It turns out this one is not just a simple hit, that this young woman has some big connections and Spademan has some tough choices to make about just how far he is willing to go to finish his job. less
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Interesting concept, 3.5 stars really but near the end I found myself not caring who lived or died.
Liked the twists in this one. Intense and dramatic. Enjoyed this a lot.
Not bad but needed a little more juice to propel it into more stars
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