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Burnout (2011)

by Adrienne Maria Vrettos(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
1416994696 (ISBN13: 9781416994695)
Margaret K. McElderry Books
review 1: Recently back from rehab, Nan wakes up on a subway train with no memory of her previous night. She is dressed weirdly, wearing clown makeup and seems to be strung out or hung over. Thus begins Burnout an intriguing novel narrated in the present day and flashbacks. Readers see Nan's decent into a drug lifestyle via the flashbacks while at the same time they read about Nan attempting to find out what lead her to wake up drugged on the subway.
review 2: Burnout by Adrienne Maria Vrettos was a good book. I could really connect to this book because I have a best friend too and as a highschooler we have done many of the things that Nan the main character does for Semmy. Nanja is a big awkward girl who never fit in , but she feels like she fits in with a girl that she
... more meets at the park (Samantha. Semmy is the opposite on nan , she's small and sweet and all the boys like her, Nan doesn't feel disturbed about this. However, all they do together is drink alchahol, but after the nanapocalypse ( nans overdose),Nan decides to cut of contact with Semmy. BUT, one morning Nan wakes up in the train covered in cuts and in a drugged like symptoms. She knows that something went terribly wrong the nigh before and that she Needs to find Semmy because she might be in trouble... The book is just to good , This truly brings back memories of summer and im grateful for that. well anyways the books format is great , Nan is in the present but keeps on flashing back to her last months with Semmy, this all ties in into where Semmy is actually located at. Burnout is full of suspense that will surely have you on your feet. less
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Super quick read. It was interesting, but then it went nowhere. I feel like I read a first draft.
I like the voice in this book but not sure about the story.
Very exciting and scary. Read it in one night!
From SLJ 10/11 Starred
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