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Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus (2012)

by A.F. Harrold(Favorite Author)
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1408830035 (ISBN13: 9781408830031)
Fizzlebert Stump
review 1: So let's just be clear, I didn't give this book five stars just because it's about a boy wanting to join the library (although that whole episode was pretty funny). I loved the writing style and the humour, particularly the way the author is quite transparent about the conventions that writers use to keep kids hooked using cliff-hangers and suspsense. He makes a point of flagging this up to the them all the way through by saying things like 'I know it's the oldest trick in the book but I hope it still works'. His style is very much like Philip Ardagh (Grubtown Tales) Andy Stanton (Mister Gumm)or Roddy Doyle (The Meanwhile Adventures). I've just given this to my Chatterbooks group and have a hunch they'll like it. I'll have to rewrite this review if they didn't though! ... more But when I handed it out I got a slight feeling that the parents thought it might be a bit lightweight and silly. But if you can't enjoy a bit of humour when your're nine, when can you? Anyway it was Comic Relief week and I was trying to encourage them to read something funny for money.
review 2: I think this book would please readers from 8 to 10. It does have expressions and vocabulary that are not common in North America like sat instead of sitting and biro (ballpoint pen) and tip (landfill). The author offers much advice on writing a novel. It had a good plot, interesting characters and some suspense. The librarian was quite amusing. I didn't care for the illustrations. Even though the Stinkthrottles were nasty, I still feel sorry for them at the end. less
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Bonkers Dahl-esque story. Lots of great descriptions and narrative fun.
Incredibly funny Very entertaining
One of my best books
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