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Kuli Rumah Untuk Dia (2013)

by Aireen Aryana(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
Kaki Novel
review 1: Muahahaha... Minn yang vogue transform jadi Syaminah. Hok aloh... cemanalah budak pandai, budak engine boleh ada pemikiran macam ni. Sanggup jadi orang gaji just because malas nak kerja office. Dia tak tahu ke, kerja rumah ni lagi non stop. At least kalau kerja kat office, ada working hours! Tapi kan, ke'kurangbijaksanaan' dia ni berbaloi la gak. Kenapa berbaloi? Yang belum baca tu, bacalah sendiri ye untuk mendapatkan jawapan tu...
review 2: Honestly i took such a long time to finish this book. It's not that I don't like it. It's just that it is too illogical for me to follow. An oversea engineering grad refused to work in accordance to her qualification, Fine! I accept.... But to become a maid??? N dgn muka tepung gomak going all over the places, come on lahh
... moreh.... mana laaa ada orang yg gullible macam ni n Syak is a successful businessman okay. He must have a very sharp mind to survive in the corporate world. Takkan lah for once pun dia tak tertanya2 n act on it. Takkan la dia takde inquisitive mind?? Di situ lah timbulnya 'ketidaklogikannya'... But bear in mind yeah, ini cerita je pun. Takde sangkut paut dengan hidup dan mati so just go with the flow. Tak suka, jangan baca. Rasa nak baca, sambung baca. N that's what I did....But its a good thing that I sambung baca coz I absolutely like the ending. Sy suka cara Minn n Syuh mencari diri mereka. Minn has been sacrificed of a father untuk dia berubah for real and that really captured my heart. I felt the pain that she went thru. To feel that she had disappoint her father. That she's unable to fulfill her father's expectation. That part really broke my heart and I was sobbing like crazy at 1 oclock in the morning. From that part onward, I tune off the preliminary illogical part and kept on reading until the end in one hour time n that's why the 3 stars given as oppose to 1 star that I initially wanted to give during the beginning of my reading. Congratz to the author for being able to capture back my interest. If the illogical part was omitted, I would have given 4 stars. Anyway, good read n definitely will wait for your next book. less
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Citer ni not bad. Boleh dibaca & quite intresting. Straight foward punya cerita xde kona2.
done this book...best... boleh di baca.. enjoy ur reading...
sangat best...jom laa baca
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