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Gently Does It (1955)

by Alan Hunter(Favorite Author)
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1849014981 (ISBN13: 9781849014984)
Robinson Publishing
Chief Superintendent Gently
review 1: This is the first book in the series. I have watched the George Gently TV series which I have enjoyed immensely so I thought I'd start reading the books. I enjoyed the book but as I suspected it is rather different from the TV series. I particulary liked the way we are told who the murderer was but it was up to the police to find the evidence to convict the person. That was a very interesting process.
review 2: I enjoyed this mystery novel in the George Gently series. It is set in England in the 1950s so it is almost a period piece. Capital punishment for murderers has not yet been abolished and the atmosphere of post-war Britain provides the background for the police investigation. Gently is a chief Inspector in London (the Met) and is on holiday when he
... moreis asked to help local police solve the crime. Some of the books in this series have been televised and my enjoyment of them caused me to look for the books. less
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Wonderful character. A good mystery.
Insp. George Gently
What a find!
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