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The Rise Of The Dorkasaurus (2011)

by Alan Sitomer(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
1423139968 (ISBN13: 9781423139966)
The Nerd Girls
review 1: With all the feel of a Disney sitcom or movie, Nerd Girls chronicles the friendship of three unlikely girls who feel they are at the very bottom of the middle school pecking order. Maureen is snarky and overweight, acutely conscious of her social status. And she feels powerless to change anything about it until a cafeteria incident suddenly sets into motion a chain of events that give her a new perspective. Underdogs coming from behind to win your heart with determination and spunk to put the mean girls in their place, what's not to like? For one thing, although pithy and snarky, Maureen is every bit as judgey as the kids she complains about. She has a mean nickname for almost kid in the school. Or at least she ascribes to referring to them by the given nickname. And, ... moreshe's not very nice. I don't know why you'd want to be friends with her. Clearly she's developed a prickly exterior to deal with the bullies, but she's just not nice until the end when she's had her aha! moment. And, honestly, if this was about sixth graders I'd find the humor and dialogue a bit more realistic, but not so much as eighth graders, at least not most of whom I've known the past twelve years. Mediocre. Will appeal to 5th/6th grade girls.
review 2: This was a funny book and I'm glad I read it because I can relate to some of the things the characters say and do. Maureen was the funniest because of what she says. Beanpole is also funny because she clumsy just like me. The author does a good job of making you hate the Threepees. All of the characters seem realistic. The author really did a good job on this book and I hope he continues to make book like this one. less
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Silly yet uplifting and entertaining book for tween readers.
Ver-ry mixed feelings about this one.
Totally totally AWESOME! LOVED IT!
I wanna read it
Super funny
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