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The Secret Story Of Sonia Rodriguez (2008)

by Alan Sitomer(Favorite Author)
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1423110722 (ISBN13: 9781423110729)
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review 1: It is amazing to me that this book was not written by an Hispanic girl because the story so accurately describes what it is like to be a Mexican-American girl from a poor family. Sonia just wants to get her high school diploma but the people around her are just not equipped to help her. It's a sad situation that occurs to many Hispanic girls in America. This story shows how Sonia's family expectations collide with those of traditional American society. The story shows just how difficult it is to be a first generation American. The most despicable characters were of course her "Drunkle" and her judgemental Tia. They really made my skin crawl every time they were in a scene. Being a Hispanic woman, myself I quickly connected to some of the cultural expectations found... more in this story. And it really forces us to look at ourselves and question the value of holding on to such destructive traditions such as expecting the girls in the family to do all the housework, And the idea of parents depending on their children versus children depending on their parents. This is a fantastic book that really touched a nerve with me and I hope that someday, no girl should have to go through the things that Sonia endured.
review 2: In some cases friends can bring you down. Sometimes one's friends can keep you from graduating. But what happens when your own family is your greatest obstacle from graduating? This is the story of Sonia Rodriguez. Sonia Rodriguez is a Mexican American teenage girl whose dream of being the first of the family to graduate from high school has been crushed due to the fact she has to do all the work in the house. Sonia has to cook, clean the house, fix the beds for her mother who is pregnant with twins and takes her pregnancy as a privilege to stay in bed all day watching her "Telenovelas". Sonia also has to do all the work for her two lazy and messy brothers, her religious and ungrateful aunt who is always complaining about Sonia's actions and her drunkle (alcoholic uncle). She barely has time to do her homework. Tragically, Sonia gets raped by her druncle. Her Father, who is always working to provide for the family and the only person who supports Sonia, is barely home to protect her. In addition, throughout the book Sonia falls madly in love with a handsome boy but her love is not corresponded due to the boy's race. less
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Great but I hope there was a second part
Really entertaining!!!!
it was a good book
it was good
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