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Blindfolded Innocence (2014)

by Alessandra Torre(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: 4.5 starsOne of the reasons I am not giving this book 5 stars is because of my love hate relationship with Brad. I hated him in the beginning and then once I started to like him I hated him again. and then i liked him! lol if that makes any sense. The ending I can say was flipping HOT! Now I can only imagine what will happen in book 2! The book was really getting started at the end which makes me want to read the next one that much more.
review 2: BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 8th September 2014:RATING: 4.25 BRAD STARS!This is the first Alessandra Torre novel I have read. I enjoyed it.I have started Masked Innocence, book # 2 and am totally loving it. Again, I did enjoy this first installment in the Innocence series. I thought the start was strong, but then it got a
... morebit slower for me with all the intern stuff. I was having a little trouble connecting with Julia and Brad.I wasn’t really understanding Brad De Luca, like I probably should have in this book. I wondered what he saw in Julia and what she saw in him.The age gap is very significant. I can see why a young woman is desirable to an older man. Brad is forty or nearly forty and Julia is twenty one. I can see these two much clearer in my mind when reading Masked Innocence. I do forget the near twenty year age bracket when I am reading Masked Innocence. I don’t when reading this one.I’m certainly not against an age bracket like that, but I do wonder how well it would truly be successful. Brad can certainly pull off the age difference. A bear of a man stood at the glass partition of the large office with the view. He had the build of an ex-athlete-- impossibly broad shoulders and muscular arms that his thousand-dollar dress shirt couldn’t hide. He had olive skin and a thick head of hair-- strong, handsome features. He would have been too good-looking if it weren’t for the fierceness of his features. He looked like the kind of man who chased confrontation down and then ate it for breakfast. He emitted, eve across the large office, a wave of power, intelligence...and sexuality. No freaking wonder everyone talked about this man. Seeming to be completely at ease, he picked up a stress ball and squeezed it, never breaking eye contact. I felt like an innocent little fawn stuck in the lion’s gaze. “Has anyone ever sued you for sexual harassment?”He was offended. “That would assume that harassment had occurred. I assure you, I don’t make advances unless the women are clearly receptive.”I stalked back to the table with the sodas and slammed them down on the table. “Do I seem clearly receptive?”He shrugged, a sheepish smile on his face. “I figure you’re a work in progress.”I have read the novella, Diary of Brad De Luca, # 1.5, and I think if I’d had his pov in this one, I would have got him more.An example would be his behaviour at the strip club and his thoughts on what he was seeing with Julia and Montana. I heard them in Diary of Brad De Luca. Now, Masked Innocence is a different story, I totally am loving his character in the second book. I had to put the fan on a couple times, because the smexi scenes are rather WOW!Like Rawrrrrr...rrr...rrrr...O.M.G!I have a much clearer picture of Brad and more information comes to light.If I was to be real honest in this installment, I felt like a fair bit of the intern stuff and Tom could have been taken out , it slowed the pace. I liked the strong start and I liked the last several chapters more than the middle. But! I still liked this book , quite a lot.I am totally getting the more interesting story line in Masked Innocence. There is more of a direction the story is taking and I am totally digging it.A good start to the Innocence series. I am looking forward to more.Michelle less
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A well written and enjoyable read. I will certainly be reading the next in this series.
an interesting concept. I loved the story and can't wait to read more!
4 stars. Great, hot, steamy, sexy start to this series!
Loved this book...Brad F**king De Luca!!! Yummy!
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