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Alex's Adventures In Numberland: Dispatches From The Wonderful World Of Mathematics (2010)

by Alex Bellos(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
0747597162 (ISBN13: 9780747597162)
Bloomsbury UK
review 1: Loved it. I am no mathematician, but this book had me captivated from page one. I wish I would have had math presented to me in this manner when I was in school - I might have actually cared a little more about it! This book covers the history of math, from the development of numbers to the exploration of prime numbers to hyperbolic space and the conceptualization of infinity. Honestly, I am not a math person, but I found myself amazed over and over again as I read through this book.
review 2: A really good book for anyone who want's to rekindle their relationship with the world of math and numbers. Or even start a one!Just a couple of notes:- The first few chapters are about numbers, not really "math". - A lot of the book is about the authors interactions wit
... moreh other people in many diverse fields, I really enjoyed them. You may not if you're just looking for Math.- The Book is very well organized, which really enhances the reading experience. - The Book can be really dumbed down sometimes, a note to people with an extensive background in Math. less
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A very interesting read covering many different areas of mathematics. Recommended!
This book was wonderful. I loved it from front to back.
some boring bits but a few good anecdotes
Affascinante e stimolante lettura.
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