Scala & Acca by Christina Bauer

Hello everyone! A while ago (maybe a month now?) I reviewed the audiobook copy of Angelbound by Christina Bauer, which is the first book in the Angelbound Origins series. Today I am going to review the second and third books in the series. These review copies were provided to me courtesy of YA Bound Book Tours and the author.

These books have existed previously, but new ones are being released and this post is in celebration of the third book becoming an audiobook!

As these are sequels, the summary here is for the first book Angelbound. You can find my review for the book here. All of these reviews are spoiler free even if you haven’t read previous books in the series.

Scala is the second book in the Angelbound Origins series. For the sake of not giving spoilers, I will not be talking to you about the contents of the plot in this book or the third book, but I will give my general feelings.

This second book was much shorter than the first one and I probably enjoyed it only as much as the first half of the first one and not quite as much as the end of the first one. Nevertheless, I still gave this book four stars and it set up the final book in the series nicely and had some good story development. Hated all of the right characters perhaps more than I should have and the plot was crafty.

Acca is the third book in the series and the one I have liked most so far although it still received a four star rating from me. The romance progressed in a way I really liked, as did the familial relationships. The relationships in this book are really healthy and set good examples (as well as being a pleasure to read about). I do feel like the friendships having taken a backseat a bit, but that doesn’t really bother me as they weren’t my favourite part of the first book by far. The plot of the book was also very interesting and engaging.

I definitely want more of this story, so I will be continuing the series, which doesn’t often happen with series I receive for review. Overall I definitely recommend these books for anyone who likes YA Fantasy or Paranormal fiction with a good, healthy romance and some epic battles.

There is also just over a day left for this awesome giveaway: you could win a chance to get some really nice jewellery and a complimentary audiobook of Acca by Christina Bauer.

Monster House Books is celebrating the launch of the audiobook version of the best seller Angelbound ACCA by pricing all Angelbound eBooks at $1.99 or less! The books can be found on Amazon.

In fact, the first book is free and the second and third are super cheap as well! It’s a great deal if you are interested in the series.

Below you can also find some samples and other videos!

I hope you check some of these books out as I really enjoyed them. Remember, the first book is free on ebook at the moment if you want to try it! Happy reading, Keira x.

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