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Isle Of The Dead (2013)

by Alex Connor(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
0857389645 (ISBN13: 9780857389640)
review 1: An absolute thriller. The way the story unfolds, the transitions from the present time to the sixteenth century Venice and back added an unparalleled flavor to the book. The style of murders and the seemingly unconnected victims coupled with the mysteriously disappeared portrait made it a real page-turner. The book was just like a jigsaw puzzle; as more pieces fell into place, the picture became clearer but not until the last page was read did everything add up. And the epilogue suggests there might be another book in the series( for which I'll be waiting eagerly)...
review 2: From 1955 to the present day we are introduced to a serial killer.Legend has us to believe that The Skin Hunter will re-emerge when his portrait is unearthed. Many renowned art historians
... more and collectors across the world are keen to buy this Titian that has been found, quite by accident.This leads into the plot to try to explain how and why the painting is trouble. A very convoluted plotline and one that could have been simplified by some clever editing I think.An easy read but I'm afraid to say, feels all too familiar. less
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Really enjoyed this. Characters and plot kept my interest right to the end.
I loved this book until the end....the ending ruined it for me.
Could not put this down. Loved every minute of it.
Fast paced 5 star easy read thriller
Given to me by mama on 9/9/2013
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