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Lion Vs. Rabbit (2013)

by Alex Latimer(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
1561457094 (ISBN13: 9781561457090)
Peachtree Publishers
review 1: Una storia molto carina su un leone maleducato e su come farlo diventare più gentile verso gli altri animali. Un coniglio gli insegnerà la lezione.La storia è molto carina e così anche i disegni, la conclusione intelligente strappa un sorriso.---Nice story about a mean lion and a way to make him more gentle towards other animals. A smart rabbit will teach him several lessons.The story is nice and so are the drawings and the ending is quite clever.
review 2: "Lion vs. Rabbit" combines great storytelling with fabulous illustrations to captivate young and old alike. The author Alex Latimer subtly challenges our assumptions about what we think we see in the pictures and what we assume will be the story trajectory, and there's not a page or detail wasted. If yo
... moreu like the "commentary" James Marshall's illustrations add to Harry G. Allard's "Stupids" books, you'll love "Lion vs. Rabbit." less
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Overcoming a bully the lion. Storyline similar to five Chinese brothers. Loved this !! So cute.
You can beat a bully by using your brain
Fun! Loved the surprise that the end :)
Very nicely done.
liked the humor.
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