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Flash Burn I (2000)

by Alexandra I(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This short first instalment is how 'oopsie' babies are made. I'm sure of it. Fuck me! Imagine getting a kink filled email like that? What a titillating, erotic situation to be in. One particular scene had my mouth agape... Did she really just fuck a .......! Oh my! I didn't know whether to spit my coffee out and risk drowning my electrical device or race to my car and head on down to the local hardware story in search of a new bathroom accessory. One thing that had me curious, was the age of the kinky CEO. The beginning of the story had me pegging him as someone in his early to mid thirties. But at about 73% he mentioned he had been living alone in his castle in the sky for forty years. Without knowing his background, but presuming like most children he would hav... moree probably left home at about 18... It suggested he was in his late 50's, pushing on 60? Maybe I read it wrong? I'm curious to know. I skimmed back through the book not sure if I missed it somewhere, but I guess I'll have to read the rest of the series to find out ;)Overall a great read, fun fast and loaded with sexiness. 4 'steamy bathroom stalls will never look the same to me again' stars.
review 2: Top tip, do not read this book in public. I read it on a rush hour tube!!! This book is hot and fun. Whilst it contains a lot (really!) of very hot sex (very hot!) It is all contained in e-mails between the two main characters. In some ways I find this cyber flirting WAY hotter. It had moments of humour and was well thought out. I really loved it, I'm ready and prepared for part 2 (will read alone this time!!!) less
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Fantastic! Love this story, and need pt 2 as I'm crazy horny just like Eva!!!!!
Started it... Stopped. Written like it was by a teen. Total waste of time!
Hot, hot, hot! This book is like an erotic You've Got Mail. Great read!
great short story. this is a must read
Oaft ;) toilet roll holder ;)
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