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Keira's Punishment (2000)

by Alicia Roberts(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 1
The Billionaire's Submissive
review 1: This is NOT a short story, it is the first chapter in what may turn out to be a good book--if one is willing to hunt down all of the subsequent chapters. I am not. Now, of course, I have no right complaining...I got this for FREE. I'm just saying that it is not a complete story. I would love to buy the BOOK that tells the story of Keira and her boss, but I'm not going to buy it piece by piece.I do like where this was headed. Dominant boss/ submissive assistant (secretary) is my kink. What can I say? I love stories where the sub must be punished while bending over her boss's desk. HOT! So, I gave this three stars because what there was of it was good.
review 2: I thought Keira was a little spineless even though she had moments of pulling up her big girl panties.
... more I wanted to like Keira but, really there was nothing of much substance there. Even when she was telling her back story to Connor I could not sympathize or empathize with her. And Connor, well I love an Alpha man as much as the next Alpha loving girl but, he just seemed kind of cold and unfeeling, to me. I have come to the conclusion I don't really like these serial type books. Give me a whole book I can read and sink my teeth into instead of little tid-bits here and there. less
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This is one hot little short read!! Awesome job!!
Great start but felt like only one chapter
A short yet good story.
Very short story!
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