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Go Dairy Free: The Guide And Cookbook For Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, And Casein-Free Living (2008)

by Alisa Marie Fleming(Favorite Author)
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0979128625 (ISBN13: 9780979128622)
Fleming Ink
review 1: This book provides wonderful information. In general she is unbiased and gives her reasons for organic but doesnt push it. She speaks about the reality of soy, but she uses it anyways because she believes moderation is fine.She doesn't speak about the dangers of peanut butter and isn't aware of the truth behind tofu and of many cooking oils. She was obviously sponsored to recommend clif bars and other bars, because she knows they arent healthy or a good alternative, however she recommends them anywaysShe seems to be pro things being fortified and vitamins being added to thingsShe does speak about the dangers of supplements, and acknowledges people are going to take them anyways so she provides a list of recommendations, im glad she discusses the dangers of them thoughI LOV... moreE SO MANY THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK, it does its job of being a complete "dairy free" guide, however it is not also completely health conscious. It is only dairy free conscious. Which is what it promises, so all of my criticisms don't matter. Most people aren't health conscious anyways so they would hate the book if it was. I am going to give it a 4 out of 5, because I was too upset and distracted by all of the advertisements in the book to give it a 5: the processed crap she recommends which she obviously did only for some sort of monetary reward. BUT like I said, the focus of this is dairy free living, not healthy living. So it still did its job perfectly. And since most people hate cooking, they probably adore the recommendations and use them regularly, despite them being unhealthy. So I actually think most of her audience loves it. I cannot subtract more stars it wouldnt be fair. This is not a health book! This is a dairy free book! and it did its job wonderfully. Everything is easy to accommodate for any allergy, I appreciate that. Oh and the allergy index in the back? freaking genius. Also it references to many blogs, books and videos that are incredibly helpful. I really appreciate her thorough research as well.
review 2: I found this book to be more of a guide book than a read through book. It has wonderful information on allergies to milk and lactose intolerance. The book is divided into six sections - Understanding Dairy and Dairy Free from a Health Perspective, Eating Away From Home, Grocery Shopping and Preparing your Kitchen, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Dairy Substitutes, Recipes and Recommendations, and More Recommended Resources. It was hard to admit and hard to give up, but I do much better without dairy. I learned about this book via the author's website and fine it really handy to have as a guidebook. less
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I really liked that there were substitutions for sweetened condensed milk, creamer, etc.
Such a good, comprehensive book on the dairy-free world. I may have to go buy it now.
A great dairy free guide. Many ideas on how to transform old recipes into dairy free.
Very good info & has lots of dairy-free recipes and food ideas.
Website has more to offer! Godairyfree.com
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