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Forever His Baby (2014)

by Morgana Phoenix(Favorite Author)
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Airicka Phoenix
review 1: This is a wonderful love story about Lily,Cole and Sloan. Lily and Cole have been best friends since childhood but she has been secretly in love with his older brother Sloan since she was 13. Before leaving for college Cole and Lily decided to experiment with sex. Cole goes off to college not knowing Lily is pregnant when she tells his brother, Sloan takes her to see Cole at the college so she can tell him but she keeps the secret because he has met a wonderful girl he is in love with. Sloan steps up to take care of Lily whom he has secretly loved too. They go through a lot to get to where they finally tell each other about their love for each other and meanwhile Cole finds out the baby is his!!It is a Fantastic book I read it twice.
review 2: Two brothers. On
... moree impossible choice From the moment her suspicions are confirmed, Lily knows she’s screwed. What the hell is a nineteen year old with no future going to do with a baby? She can barely take care of herself. She needs help. In walks Sloan McClain, the only man Lily has ever truly wanted — and the brother of the boy whose baby she’s carrying. While Lily expects a great number of outcomes when she tells Sloan her news, him proposing marriage and asking her to keep the baby is not one of them, especially not when she has every intention of giving the baby a better future by giving it the home she can’t. Having spent the majority of his life protecting his brother from the bone-breaking fists of their father, Sloan is no stranger to hardship, loss and abandonment. He has learned long ago never to rely on anyone to take care of what was his, and that baby is his. He isn’t about to let Lily give away his family, nor can he allow that child to destroy the future he has built for Cole. His only option: marry the mother and claim the baby as his. But no secret ever stays hidden forever. *I completely loved this book. I really liked how the author wrote this story. I liked that each chapter was from a different point of view. I loved that this book was more a long time love never acknowledge till later kind of book. I loved it. I couldn’t believe the book ended as soon as it did. I was kind of disappointed it was over as fast as it was. Well I guess I should that the book was fast paced but nothing was left out. I just wished it was a little longer. I was hooked from the very first chapter and I couldn’t put it down. Sloan has got to be one of the sweetest, sexiest, and kindest book boyfriend I have read in a very long time. He was all about his family and responsibilities to his family. He was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this book. less
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There needs to be more men like Sloan in the world!
A great read!! Sloan..... Sooooo chivalrous!!
God "baby girl" is forever in my head know :)
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