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The Paleo Foodie Cookbook: 120 Food Lover's Recipes For Healthy, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free And Delicious Meals (2014)

by Arsy Vartanian(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
1624140483 (ISBN13: 9781624140488)
Page Street Publishing
review 1: As a regular user of Arsy's first cookbook I was sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation for her latest book. As expected, Arsy knocked it out of the park with this one...I was happy to see a few organ meat recipes included since I can never figure out how to incorporate them into my family's meal rotation in a tasty easy-to-make manner.If you're short on time but want delicious healthy meals, I highly recommend The Paleo Foodie! You won't be disappointed!
review 2: So being a proclaimed foodie my entire life, I can say I have read through hundreds of cookbooks. "The Paleo Foodie" is by far my favorite cookbook! I have been Paleo for 2+ years and I don't buy Paleo cookbooks, I honestly like non-Paleo cookbooks. This one on the other hand is life-ch
... moreanging. Seriously! I have made 3 of the recipes in less than a week and can honestly say all 3 of them have been amazing! I have made the Thai Curry Mussels, Flank steak with cilantro sauce and the Sun-dried tomato Lamb burger. I followed all of the recipes to a T and let me tell you Rubies and Radishes has done her research! They were all spot-on amazing! I would highly recommend this book to a Paleo newbie, Paleo expert or anyone who loves food in general. These Paleo recipes are real food, not to be mistaken for a diet food. I am so happy with this book!John Mack less
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A beautiful book full of delicious, satisfying, healthy recipes! Arsy has done a great job!
Only found few recipes that I liked in this book.
Some tasty recipes in here.
Some good-sounding recipes.
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