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The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band (2014)

by Frances Washburn(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
0816530823 (ISBN13: 9780816530823)
University of Arizona Press
review 1: Received this book as a goodreads giveaway from the University of Arizona Press. A look into the raw and troubled lives of Sissy and her family, friends, and the rez took me on a ride I didn't enjoy. This is the tenth or so book I've read about life on American Indian reservations and probably my last. I keep hoping there will be book of inspiration and hope, a book about real people who aren't all drunks and violent, a book that apparently doesn't exist because that is my misunderstanding that it could be life on a reservation.Washburn clearly understands the craft of writing and the art of writing as evidenced by character development, each well-drawn setting, the tight pacing, dialogue interaction, and plotting. Beautiful wording that draws the reader onto the page - a ... moregreat compliment for any writer.If you like a book that includes odious violence, a sense of hopelessness for the masses, and an underdog protagonist, you will love this cleverly written book.
review 2: This wasn't a bad story, but I felt it suffered from too much detail. A lot of details in the story didn't serve much purpose. The mystery aspect also fell flat by the end. It wasn't that the revelation of who killed Buffalo Ames was a no-brainer, it just wasn't a very interesting revelation. I will say this--I put this book down a few times to read some other books, and I was surprised to find how much the characters stayed with me even after a few days away from them. I've read other novels that were much more artfully written but were completely forgettable within a day after finishing them or putting them down for half a day (I'm looking at you Don Delillo and your supposed masterpiece Underworld). I also appreciate this author's effort at capturing reservation life. Two and a half stars. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention--I got this book for free as a Goodreads giveaway. According to the giveaway rules, I'm supposed to let the world know that in my review. less
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Maybe 3 1/2. It is interesting, but not much really happens.
great book!
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