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Lunch At The Shop: The Art And Practice Of The Midday Meal (2014)

by Peter Miller(Favorite Author)
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1419710656 (ISBN13: 9781419710650)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: Part tale, part cook book, Lunch at the Shop is about a book store in Seattle that makes lunch together everyday. This is for the people who like to put their potato chips in a bowl instead of eating them straight from that bag. If you don't like fussing over food, this book will likely seem pretentious or over the top. But I also think there's more to be learned here. This is a great example of obsessing over the details to create a great experience, and that sort of care and fervor can inspire many other areas of work and life.
review 2: There was once a time where I had a job I didn't love. I took to bringing my lunch each day in a toy picnic basket, along with a cloth napkin, real silver and all. I suppose what I was longing for, at that cold industrial des
... morek, was a bit of the civility that Peter Miller talks about in his book Lunch at the Shop.The meals were nothing extra-ordinary. Lots of lentils and rice and avacado. Obvious easy choices for assembling in a back room with limited kitchen space or utensils.But his writing here shines.These days, I have the luxury of sitting down at my own dining room table most days and preparing myself lunch on proper plates, though I tend to eat the same thing each day.But this volume made me want to pay a bit more attention, squeeze a bit more lemon onto everything I make, and appreciate luncheon for what it really is -- that "narrow strip between stretches of work." It also made me want to go back to Seattle, find a good book at Peter Miller Books & Supplies, and to make sure I did all that around 12:30. Then hope they invite me to sit down with them all to lunch.LATS is to lunch what Dinner: A Love Story is for dinner. Simple, doable, inspiring. less
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It's an entire book about lunch you can make for a group at your office. What's not to like?
If I was only cooking for me and not for my family, I'd really enjoy this book.
Nice stories and simple recipes.
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