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Murder In The River City (2000)

by Allison Brennan(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: The news hits the streets of a murder at Dooley’s Pub and Shauna Murphy comes running. Literally. Dooley is Shauna’s grandfather and she can’t wipe the gory imagery of his body lying cold on the floor as she speeds toward the blockade. Shauna is a spitfire and won’t take no for an answer when denied access. Her hair-trigger is only shadowed by her tenacity and she’s ready, willing, and able to do whatever is needed to get into that building—even threatening to speak to the press. Relief overwhelms her as she walks in the door to find Dooley sitting safely inside. The victim is their longtime friend and bartender, Mack. At first glance this looks like a robbery gone bad—especially with the missing autographed baseballs and empty cash drawer—but, something ab... moreout the scene is bothering Shauna and when she hits on it, she’s ignored. One baseball is still on the shelf. It’s a Babe Ruth and not many people realize it’s a fake. In fact, only the old-timers and employees know the truth. Which—to Shauna at least—means that this was an inside job. As if she doesn’t have enough to do, between running her family’s construction company and spending more time at Dooley’s Pub to keep an eye on things, Shauna’s tossed head first into the investigation. To some extent, this is her own doing. Adding to her stress is the return of the man she’s loved since she was a budding teen. Detective Sam Garcia has come home and he’s ready to confront his feelings for his best friend’s kid sister. Though shorter than her typical fare, Brennan doesn’t slow the pace or the angst in her latest release, “Murder in the River City.” If anything, I’d say she speeds things up a bit, adding significant details that build layers onto her characters and add that electric spark often only found when reading a pro. I can’t speak for her other fans, but I’d love to see more of Murphy and Garcia.Reviewed by Shannon Raab for Suspense Magazine
review 2: What a treat this was to find.. Even had John Black and Dean Hooper from previous books in it. The author explains that this was written as a serial for a magazine but you cannot tell. Very good suspense/mystery novella. A bartender is beaten and murdered. A young woman is murdered.. Shauna Murphy's grandfather own's Dooley’s Pub where the bartender had worked for almost 10 years. After being relieved that it wasn't her Grandfather she still wants to know who killed her friend and pesters the lead detective John Black with clues she is finding. Detective Sam Garcia comes back to town to join the homicide department and is partnered with John who in turns pushes Shauna off on him. But what John doesn't know is there is quite the history between Sam and Shauna. They grew up together as he was good friend with her brothers and she always had a crush on him but with there age difference he pushed her away - more than once. Then later when she was engaged to another man he arrested her fiance the day before their wedding. He doesn't figure she has forgiven him yet. The mystery of the two murders and there connection has everyone stumped. Its not till they bring in Dean Hooper from the FBI that they start to put the piece together... But to catch the killer Shauna's life has to be put on the line and now that Sam has finally gotten her back will he be able to let her do it.... less
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Predictable but interesting. Not one of Brennan's best, but entertaining enough.
Kind of a predictable plot and outcome, but an easy OK read.
Another great Allison Brennan story. Wonderful!
It was a big "meh".
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