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The Attack On Pearl Harbor [Scholastic]: An DVD History Adventure (2009)

by Allison Lassieur(Favorite Author)
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1429640464 (ISBN13: 9781429640466)
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review 1: found this at our local library today. we are visiting Pearl Harbor in April and I wanted the children to study it ahead of time. This is a great companion book told in story fashion, where you get to choose from three different perspectives and then choose different scenarios along the way. It is a wonderful way to view the attack from numerous perspectives as well as a chance to see what would have happened if you had been there based on the actions you choose to take in the book.
review 2: It's a book that has three story paths to take,51 choices to make, and 19 endings to this book ( and the things that you read actully happened to these people that you are suspose to be). One of the paths I took was that I was a japanese airplane fighter heading to pearl h
... morearber but instend of crashing into the ship I flew over to Hickam Field and bomed that place like there was no tomarrow. On path number 2 I was on the ship called the arizona when i woke up the boat shook and I went up to the deck to see what happened. The japnese bomed the ship. the ship was on it's side but it wasn't sinking. I saw that people were on the ground maybe dead. Insted of going to people on the ground I through a life boat down me and about five other people junped on it to. Us six people were few of the survivers from that boat. On the third path i'm a japanese airplane fighter heading over to pearl harber. When I get there the americans don't know that we were there intil we were there. less
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Good but a little thin. Maybe would've been better with a bit more post Pearl Harbor attack info.
this book is okay. I suggest you take the nurse way, she is a lot of fun!
it's fun, and you get to "experince" the attack.
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