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Attack On Pearl Harbor (2007)

by Allison Lassieur(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
1429610026 (ISBN13: 9781429610025)
Capstone Publishers
review 1: I liked it. An interactive story involving WWII,which I am intrested in. I also like Call Of Duty: Finest Hour for the same reason, being you choose who you are and live through history, but I never thought of there maybe being a book that did the same thing! This is a great book, and I would summarize it, but there's 51 choices and 19 endings, so it would take a while. I just loved this book and the way you get to choose what side you're on.
review 2: The book that I read was about the attack on Pearl Harbor. The reason I read this book because I want it to know about the point of view of the Japanese Pilots, American sailors and the nurses. This attack is what leads to the U.S. to join the allies’ powers with Russia and England. The Japanese Pilots point of
... more view they were attacking the Americans for the Emperor and the country of Japan and most of the Japanese Pilots knew many of them were not going to return. The American sailors were relaxing then moments later Japanese airplanes were dropping bombs. Many the nurses rushed to the hospital to help the wounded. The Japanese airplanes attack 8 battleships and the airfields. 2,400 Americans Died on the Attack On Pearl Harbor most were burned alive, drown and bleed to death on this horrible attack. Most of the Japanese pilots were proud of the attack but they knew that the Americans would attack them back. 60 years later after this attack America was attack again on September 11, 2001, which met that History, can repeat it self again. This story will always be remember in American History and will continue to be read for future generations to come. less
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Wonderful series "You Choose Books". All the ones I have read are excellent.
Loved this interactive version. Choose which point of view
i like this book because it feels like you are there.
3.3 stars
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