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Can You Survive The Titanic?; An Interactive Survival Adventure (2011)

by Allison Lassieur(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 3
1429673516 (ISBN13: 9781429673518)
Capstone Press
review 1: The strange thing about this book is that Capstone previously (2008) published another choose your own adventure Titanic. I really like that earlier series, and struggled with this one. Partially this is because it is difficult to read these books as an eARC. I still really like the combination of facts and choices and adventure. It really brings the past to life and shows how decisions made had a big impact on one's fate. Of course, with the Titanic all of us know what happens and the choices seemed clear--get on the lifeboat for goodness sake!
review 2: It really is all about survival when you read Can You Survive the Titanic? As the reader, you get to choose which path the plot will take and ultimately, if the characters will live or die in the Titanic disas
... moreter. Talk about some power!There are three different plot paths to choose from. Those branch out and there are twenty-one different endings. Wowza! I am the curious type and I am reviewing the book, so I read them all and ended up a little confused. For someone just reading one or two choices though, the plot would easily make sense.Middle graders will have fun making choices and learning more about the Titanic’s fateful voyage. I appreciate the amount of research done by the author.RATING4 LikedCOVER COMMENTSThis cover conveys the desperation of the Titanic passengers as they struggle to survive. Look at that ship going down in the background! less
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Really fun to read because you get to pick what you want!!!!!!!!
Really fun!!!!!!!!!
Grades 2-5. RL 640.
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