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Eternal Flame (2000)

by Alyson Noel(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This is a VERY short story ...and honestly it tells nothing about Damen or his life before the first book. This is not published and available in stores ...you have to send an email to the publisher and they email the story back to you.Personally I don't like to read things online, so I printed it out ...and I kinda wish I hadn't tho, because it wasn't worth the ink.The actual story is only 8 pages long... and that's double spaced. I was really looking forward to some insight on Damen's past, but it just wasn't there.
review 2: It's good to see Damen's point of view because sometimes while i was reading the immortals i didn't quite believe in his love for Ever. I finally get to read his first meeting with Ever when he was immortal and understand a bit better hi
... mores relationship with Drina and why it didn't work out. Although he had really strong feeling for Ever or Evaline as her name was when he first met her he decided way too fast that he wanted to give her the elixir i must say. less
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le verdad es que no entendí bien hasta que empece con el otro, no es recomendable leerlo primero
Amazing story of love at first sight.
the book is great....
no review
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