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De Verborgen Bibliotheek (2012)

by A.M. Dean(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
9026132395 (ISBN13: 9789026132391)
De Fontein
review 1: La biblioteca perdida es un libro que como trama es la búsqueda de la Biblioteca de Alejandría que aún existe y se mantiene en secreto, la trama se lleva en medio de una conspiración y lucha entre sociedades secretas milenarias. A pesar que la primera tercera parte de libro es cansada para su lectura, posteriormente la lectura te va jalando con un muy buen final. El conocimiento es poder y la reflexión de quién debe tener acceso a ella.
review 2: The book resembles an Indiana Jones' (treasure hunt and political intrigue) adventure mystery. The strongest point of the book was the great accuracy of the historical facts that were very vivid and quite fascinating. The story had very good premises, but the plot is sometimes a little bit too farfetched. Especia
... morelly the political plot and the ending were unconvincing, if not on the silly side. But if you can suspend your disbelief, you get a very well written and engaging story. My biggest qualms I had with Emily Wess. She was a bit too naïve, after all she is a university professor, so I expected her to connect the dots sooner or not to question the obvious all the time. less
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Quite fun but was not able to suspend disbelief enough to really get into it.
Great book but I'm sooo disappointed that 'THE LIBRARY' goes ONLINE...
So cheap and cliched, but works for my bus/train rides.
Intresting, more so because of the historical link.
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