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His Dark Embrace (2012)

by Amanda Ashley(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
1420121332 (ISBN13: 9781420121339)
review 1: This was the third Amanda Ashley book for me to read and I hated it at first, it literally took me 6 months to pick it up again after reading the first 100 pages. The story picked up after the first 100 pages once Sam came home and the plot thickened between the slayer turned vampire and the newly weds. The only reason I rated this as a 3 star story was due to the fact that having a slayer turned vampire is a unique twist on a classic story.
review 2: Can't get much better than Amanda Ashley. Amanda Ashley is my favorite vampire writer. I feel her books give me the best of both worlds. A romance I love and the vampires I crave put together. HIS DARK EMBRACE certainly didn’t disappoint me. Kaiden Thorne has known Skylynn McNamara her entire life. Living across
... more the street, he sensed her always watching, changing from a young girls curiosity to a teen girl crush. When her grandfather learned what Kaiden was, he told him of his experiments with prolonging life and soon the two were creating the perfect formula to allow Kaiden to live almost like normal. Now, with the death of her grandfather, it has brought Skylynn home after a disastrous marriage and divorce and left Kaiden with his last supply of formula. Keeping up with Sky, Kaiden knows she’s no longer the innocent young girl he watched, but now a beautiful woman. Her crush for him returns instantly when they reconnect over grandfather’s death. Despite them both searching, neither can find where grandfather wrote the formula that Sky is quickly assuming help with Kaiden’s health as he’s soon keeping away from her and keeping odd hours again. Feeling himself revert back to normal vampire ways, Kaiden knows he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with Sky, but after a nick of the tongue, her blood calls even more to him. When his eyes turn glowing red, the truth is out and after returning back home, a phone call to a friend, Sky realizes her love for him triumphs what he is and returns home to let him explain. Of course she chooses to pursue a relationship with him. An engagement is soon after and a quick trip to Vegas seals the deal. When the lab is broken into and the formula stolen, Kaiden smells the scent of a well-known vampire hunter, Girard Desmarais. Desmarais was also benefitting from the formula by giving him strength despite his aging and is now looking for more. He and Kaiden have a past and revenge is soon on the way when Kaiden’s maker, Cassandra, turns him. After warning him not to harm Kaiden, Sky is now his target. The return of Sky’s MIA brother, without his memory, was a new twist in A.A’s books. When she and Sam are both captured by Desmarais, Kaiden has no choice but to turn him when his injuries are too severe. Luckily, Sam takes the change well and both open Sky up to the change and close her off to it at the same time. Now that Kaiden has some aid, they use Sky as bait. Once the threat is over, Sky attempts to continue her interrupted married life by moving in with Kaiden. It’s during their first night that she’s rushing to the bathroom with a persistent bug she’s had all week that Kaiden senses the tiny baby growing in her womb. Unintentional anger flow off him despite his certainty she never cheated. With their only guess being the potion is the reason, Sam recalls a formula that grandfather made him memorize. Recreating it, they can now have a normal life. 10 years later, after having a son and daughter, Sky is ready to join her husband in the life of a vampire. *I have to say, my only complaint is A.A’s endings are always quick without details. I love a pregnant vampire story, but A.A just doesn’t include enough details about the pregnancy for me. I would love to read about scares and complications before the happy ending is revealed. less
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This book had loveable characters and a cool look into vampire romance!
I loved it i mean loved it... Great work Amanda...
2.5 starsThis book was just ok. Not memorable.
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