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A Stitch In Time (2013)

by Amanda James(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
1781890005 (ISBN13: 9781781890004)
Choc Lit
review 1: I thought at first that this was a straight forward rom com but, to my surprise, is a time-slip novel too. The premise is that time is weak in places and has to be 'stitched' to make it strong again and for things to work out as they should. Teacher Sarah has been badly hurt by her husband getting her best friend pregnant and is determined not to be hurt again. Then she receives a visit from the gorgeous John Needler who informs her that she is a 'stitch' and has to be sent back in time to prevent possible damage. This she does and often with hilarious results; at the same time trying desperately not to fall in love with John. I really enjoyed this caper back into history and can foresee further adventures for 'Stitch' Sarah and 'Needle' John.
review 2: This wa
... mores a nice idea but I thought it could have been better executed, with more time spent on the stitching missions and establishing them a bit more. Although it was obviouly central to the plot, and what made this a romance, I wasn't all that bothered by Sarah and John's romantic relationship. I would have preferred more time spent on Sarah getting used to her new role and some more about the practical difficulties it would bring to her usual life. less
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An enjoyable time travel tale, well-researched and with a good balance between adventure and romance
Pleasant enough, but I'm not sure it deserves such a large number of 5-star reviews!
An enjoyable little time-slip with a bit of romance on the side, perfect.
enjoyable enough, some plot points a bit contrived
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