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Body Of Law (2000)

by Amanda Lance(Favorite Author)
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Body of Law
review 1: Body of Law by Amanda Lance Sebastian Scott is a Criminal Lawyer, cocky, womanizer and fed up of his routine.Get up, get a Criminal off, bed a slug, go to bed alone and start all over again the next day.Violet Donovan is top of her class and about to start a summer intern at a Criminal law practice. Sebastian is stunned to see violet is the intern he will be looking after. Remembering her as a geek teen Sebastian is taken aback at the beautiful women she has turned into, but he can't do anything, she is his mentors daughter.How are these two going to cope Sebastian wants violet and he wants her bad, could she be the one to reawaken him.This is a novella, I read it in a few hours and I really enjoyed it.Violet is not a pushover until it comes to Sebastian. These two have a... more lot of sexual chemistry going on.This book is the start of what looks to be an intriguing story, we get bits of what's is going on but it's mainly focused on us getting to know the characters Sebastian and violet but it most definitely makes you want to know what is going to happen next5*****
review 2: Violet starts what is sure to be a challenging internship for her. She is going to be working in an area of law that is way outside her comfort zone. When she arrives, she finds that her mentor is someone she has had a crush on since her early teen years when her father attempted to mentor him during his early college years. Sebastian realizes that the daughter of his mentor has grown into a beautiful woman, and since he needs to stay away from her he does everything he can think of to drive her out of the internship. He underestimates her determination to follow through with the internship, as well as their attraction to one another. This is a short book, so I pretty much read it straight through. Violet is an easy character to like. She's smart, strong, and determined. Sebastian is tricky because it is clear that he has made some choices that have brought him success, but at the expense of others. He is living a very selfish life despite what Violets father tried to teach him. It is interesting to see Violet's reaction to Sebastian as well as see Sebastian fight his obvious attraction to the woman Violet has become. It is tricky to know what to hope for because Sebastian seems like he might have more to him than meets the eye, but he definitely demonstrates some pretty lousy behaviors at times. This book ends in a way that will make it necessary to read the next in the series when it is released. *An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review. less
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Another hot and steamy read! Amanda Lance never disappoints!
4,5 stars. Easy read! Waiting for the book No.2
Well-written and extremely sexy!
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