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Pieces Of Me (2014)

by Amber Kizer(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
0385741162 (ISBN13: 9780385741163)
Delacorte Press
review 1: Jessica is an an average teenager whose life ends prematurely after a car accident. While she is brain-dead in the hospital, her parents must make the tough decision of whether to donate her organs. Jessica is outside her body trying to convince her parents not to do it, but she cannot be seen or heard. Jessica's "pieces" are donated to four teenagers who have critical injuries or will die without organ transplant surgery. She is now tied to Samuel, Vivian, Leif, and Misty. Her days involve following the lives of these strangers with her organs. The interesting part of the novel is how the five teenagers' lives become interconnected. Themes of love, loss, and the meaning/purpose of life are brought out for discussion. Great for 7th grade on up!
review 2:... more> Told from the perspective of a high school girl who dies and follows the interconnected lives of the people who ended up with her organ donations: Vivian, a girl and painter with cystic fibrosis; Sam, a high schooler with kidney disease who has started a blog on everyday miracles; Leif, a football athlete who has trouble living up to parental expectations; and Misty, a girl with liver disease whose family cannot afford treatment. The perspective and interconnectedness was interesting. I had trouble with a few things: the IM conversations and use of abbreviations (2 = two, u = you, r = are) drove me a little crazy and Misty's story as the underprivileged girl whose parents are spread too thin to care felt a little dramatic and stereotyped. less
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Teens will like this. Appropriate for MS or HS. I will hand sell this to lots of kids!
I cannot rate this book because I cannot finish it. :(
Really beautiful. I smiled a lot while reading this!
Review to come.
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