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Eight Days A Week (2014)

by Amber L. Johnson(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: 4 Daddy Dee stars! Wonderful story of a guy that needs a job and a place and somehow ends up in love and acting as a manny for a sweet family. There is a tragedy that leads two twenty-somethings to true love by way of two sweet kids. Bree and Brady are adorable. This story is both sweet and funny. Dee is an amazing guy. Gwen is working hard to care for the kids and adapt to their new normal. I loved how everything came together and how much love they share.
review 2: I just loved this book!! I am not quite sure where to start on my favorite part....let's see. Ms. Johnson did a remarkable job writing in a male p.o.v. It was so refreshing and quite entertaining. Then the Manny log, the van, some of these things just made the story. But, it was the connectio
... moren between Andrew, Gwen and the kids that captured my heart. It was heartbreaking, sweet, and beautiful. I just loved it. I loved how they all needed one another and didn't even realize it. Sometimes the best families aren't the ones we are born into, but the ones we create on our own. I think Andrew was coming to realize that. There was obviously a lot in his past that he was running from, I would have liked to have had a deeper look into that, but I like the taste of that we got. I love books with a happy ever after and Amber Johnson never lets my heart down. I loved the feel good emotions this book left with me, and the happy feeling for family!! less
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Ohh!! I really love this.. I just love the kids.. It's fun, a little bit emotional. Great read!!!
Relatively cute book with humorous banter but fell a bit flat in the middle.
I read a review on this and thought I'd give it a try.... I LOVED It!!!
Enjoyed this! Sweet story!
3.5 stars
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