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L'amore Della Mia Vita (2013)

by Amy Bratley(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
8854152552 (ISBN13: 9788854152557)
Newton Compton
review 1: I got into this book right away and couldn't put it down. I really looked forward to picking it up at the end of the day and relaxing in the bath or in bed with it! My children are older now, but it bought back lots of memories of that special time, when you are expecting your first child and really have no idea how your life is going to change or how you will cope. I won't say too much so i don't spoil it, but it had me in tears as well as laughter, and I think all women of any age would love it!
review 2: I received this book from a publisher in exchange for a review.To be totally honest about this book I think I wouldn't have been interested in it if I was not pregnant and had a baby myself. I was not so much baby obsessed and I guess I wouldn't have liked
... moreit as much as I liked it now.Actually no, I loved this book. From the very first to the very last page.It is a book about - surprise, surprise:) - women that meet at the ante - natal classes and stay friends. We are taken on a journey through the last weeks of their pregnancies, a journey full of private problems, not only the ones related to the pregnancies. And there are a lot of problems when one is pregnant, oh yes. I have cried reading this book, I have smiled, I have kept my fingers crossed, I was nodding my head with agreement, I felt this book was in a way also about me. I felt like in my ante - natal classes again, I felt like I know all the girls from the book as if they were my friends, I could pat them on their backs and say that I really, really understand.Although it was a book about pregnancies, and there were some details that only pregnant women or mum can find interesting, this book was not boring at all, the proportions between the pregnancy problems and everyday life were very balanced and I didn't feel overwhelmed with too many details.What I like about the book too is the fact that it didn't end after the babies were born. It continued and showed us how all the girls were coping with their new lives and with their babies, and what was nice it didn't show only positives. No, it coped with post - natal depression, with fears and angst and uncertainty. I have laughed when Mel and Leo didn't know what's going on in the night and instead of trying the easiest way, ie. feeding the baby, read a book, looked for illness symptoms. I laughed, because it was so typical and normal for new parents. I have seen myself being portrayed on these pages.I have liked some of the girls more, some less but I have felt for them and wanted everything to end good for them.This book is exactly good as a pregnancy bibles:) It's real, it's shows the real feelings, it's about you and me. I think people who are not so much into babies wouldn't enjoy the book but it's just my personal feelings. I loved it. less
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It was quite good-a little slow-paced at times, but not a bad book by any means.
Won this one via twitter. Can't wait to read it!
Loved it!
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