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Charley's First Night. By Amy Hest (2012)

by Amy Hest(Favorite Author)
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1406337404 (ISBN13: 9781406337402)
Walker & Company
review 1: This book is appropriate for Preschool to Second Grade. Henry gets a new puppy, Charley, and carries him all the way home wrapped in his baby blanket. His parents are very stern about who will be taking care of Charley and where he will be sleeping at night. During the first night, Henry awakens to Charley crying in the kitchen. The second time Henry brings Charley to his room where they end up falling asleep.For this book, I would have the students write about what they think will happen in the morning when Henry's parents realize Charley did not sleep in the kitchen.Hest, A. (2012). Charley's First Night. Somerville: Candlewick Press.
review 2: Very cute book. Loved the illustrations that went along with the story. I loved how the little boy took care of his
... morenew puppy. It is a great book for children to read and relate too. The little boy had a responsibility to take care of his dog if he wanted to keep him. Also the book reminded me of the time when I got my first puppy and my parents told me to keep him in the cage but I ended up allowing him to sleep in my bed too. less
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Very kind, sweet book about a boy taking care of his new puppy on their first night together.
An absolutely adorable book. I wiped away happy tears at the end.
ALA Notable Children's Books, 2013
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