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The Everafter (2009)

by Amy Huntley(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
0061776793 (ISBN13: 9780061776793)
Balzer + Bray
review 1: This book was amazing. I guarantee that you will never have read a book quite like this. A girl has died, but she has no memory of her life (or death). She is trapped in a place she calls "Is" where objects float around her. While she has no material body,she can revisit times in her life through the objects. The objects are all things she lost during her life. Through these objects she discovers more about herself. I highly recommend this book.
review 2: The Everafter by Amy Huntley is an engaging and thought provoking science-fiction story about a girl named Madison Stanton. Growing up, Maddy had lost many objects, people, and meaningful things in her life. But now, she has the capability to go back to the moments she lost all of them because of one reason: s
... morehe is now dead. Not knowing anything about her life, or how she even died, Maddy goes back to points in her life so frequently, that she begins to remember stuff about her life, and interpret more about how she died. The more she goes back to the moments, the more she figures out, and realizes she can change things that happened to in her past, although with consequences after. She also begins to learn more about her new world, in an afterlife she calls Is, such as that there are more areas in the afterlife than she thought, and that she can mentally communicate with other dead souls that were once part of her life. After “mentally communicating” with some of her former friends from when she was alive, Maddy learns much more about the afterlife, like things you can do and places you can go. She also hears about another afterlife that is so much better than the one she is in right now. Learning about all the things you can do in it, and all the people you can be with in the Everafter, Madison hopes to do whatever it takes to be a part of this world, even if that means having to figure out how she died. I really enjoyed reading this book because Amy Huntley really shaped her characters well. She gave each one a distinct, yet creative, personality, and I could really picture each character as a real person. The Everafter was a very well written story, making it interesting for many ages, not too hard and not too easy. One thing I disliked, however, was in the end, when Madison went to the memory of her losing her life. In the beginning of the explanation, I started getting slightly nervous and scared because the author described the moment so well, and I could picture the scene. Although, as it kept going, I lost the image in my head, and I couldn’t imagine the scene any more because it got into unnecessary detail that made one of the most important parts of the story not as interesting as I hoped. Next, I didn’t expect to like a science fiction book, since that wouldn’t be my “first choice” genre, but I was surprised to realize that it was actually really cool and interesting. Will Maddy Finally make it to the Everafter? Or will everything she does still not be good enough? less
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It had a pretty cool concept of death, easy read, good beach fare.
Haunting and poetic and scary and beautiful.
Where lost things and people go.
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