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Liv, Forever (2014)

by Amy Talkington(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1616953225 (ISBN13: 9781616953225)
Soho Teen
review 1: I liked it. Every year, around Halloween, I go on a quest to read a SPOOKY book. And almost every year, I read a book that's... just not very spooky. Or scary. Or horror-ific in any way. I guess books just don't scare me...? Since I'm not ABOUT to watch a scary movie (never again) I'll just have to keep on with my quest and some day I'll actually be scared for Halloween. By a book. It could happen! Right...?Anyways. This one wasn't... it wasn't... well, it wasn't scary. Sorry. It wasn't. But it WAS different, and original, and I enjoyed it. I liked the triangular aspect of the interactions; I liked Liv as a ghost (sorry, but this isn't a spoiler); I liked the ending. The whodunnit was lamentably see-through but the twist - you know, solving the murder myster... morey AFTER you've been murdered - was entertaining enough to keep me going full-steam ahead.I would definitely try another of this author's books.
review 2: Too many references. I know the author was trying to convince us she is a hip person who knows art, but I would rather be told a good story than be told, over and over again, 'I, the author, the one telling the story, am cool.' It's distracting, and makes me think that the author is uncertain that she is telling a very good or original story.If that's the case, it's a valid concern here. Not because it isn't a fun read or because the characters aren't engaging - they are, but simply because this story has already been told before - with varying degrees of success. The Lovely Bones is still the best example I can think of, and there were some very weird moments in that book, to the point where they actually got in the way of the story, so this is just a very very difficult subject matter.One thing that seems to be a common rule in ya is: too short, you push the story through faster, holding the reader's interest, but any part of the plot that was developed poorly or clumsily will stand out, too long and it's full of extraneous details (usually not the ones you actually want to read about, either).I am also a bit unsure what they author's trying to say here. Personally, the artsy kids I knew were just as vicious so I have a hard time going 'yay, weirdos, boo richies' in a lot of these books.But I am glad to see that for once, the kid isn't an orphan just so she can turn out to be related to the ghost/murderer. You really get tired of that one. I also like the unresolved ending, though it might just be a setup for a sequel. less
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Ghost solving a mystery that spans a century? It was entertaining but a little weird
Another good ghost story for Oct. Good love story and more action then Rooms.
Just couldn't.So artsy pretentious and so bad with the instant romance.
3.5. Not big on surprises or twists, but still a great ghost story.
Lite, easy read. Enjoyable
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