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The Myth Of The Perfect Girl: Helping Our Daughters Find Authentic Success And Happiness In School And Life (2012)

by Ana Homayoun(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
0399537716 (ISBN13: 9780399537714)
Perigee Trade
review 1: Really a 2.5. I think I was hoping for more strategies on how to head off teen perfectionist tendencies, but the book is filled with what to do after there is a problem. The exercises are good and advice to parents often hit the mark. Some of the solutions seemed to me to sounded like more for girls to have to do and could cause more stress. In the end Homayoun wants girls to find things that motivate them and give them the right balance in their lives, but it was clear that she was just as trapped in the over scheduled, over perfectionist world we have created. I would also liked to hear her expert opinion on what is healthy and balanced for junior high and high school girls and what are the signs that things are going well.
review 2: This witty, compassionate
... more and informed book focuses on how to help young girls and women become satisfied with themselves and their own endeavors. I was often moved by the anecdotes of what adolescents are going through now (I.e. "am I pretty" YouTube videos), and frequently prompted to reflect on my own experiences as a girl and younger woman eking out my own goals and values. A wildly helpful book both for parents and educators, girls and women would do well to read this as well. Even if the concrete strategies for homework help and how to find rewarding hobbies aren't for you (I'm beyond homework and already know what I enjoy for fun), the methods Ana teaches are worth learning for future reference with friends and future offspring of all ages. less
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A sort of typical girl studies book aimed at financially well-off folks with anxiety-ridden kids.
Will have to reread when my girls are tween/teens and friends are a bigger deal in their lives.
Basic information and helpful exercises for helping girls manage heavy loads.
A must read for parents of teen girls today.
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